02.05.2021 „Do You Remember Us Britain?” Polish Heritage Day (English)

To celebrate the Polish heritage day, my friends and I have decided to show a story, one of many; regarding a polish soldier whose path, led from the former Polish Borderlands to Manchester in the United Kingdom.
Not many people know that after the Second World War many polish heroes had settled in the United Kingdom as thousands of Polish heroes are being slowly forgotten.

Our hero, who is played by Marcin Bukwaś, comes back from the Great Beyond to tell you his story…

Facebook video

By the picture of a soldier walking throughout the streets of Manchester, we wanted to show that Manchester hosted many Polish heroes who fought for the independence of Poland. Over the years I have heard many stories like this and therefore I felt obligated to honour these great people by creating this short amateur film. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to include everything in such a short time. Instead we focused on the most important events of the life of one of the soldiers from the second Anders Army Corps.

We have tried to include the personal feelings of our hero regarding many important issues that had an impact on the future of Poland and its borders.

Hard Polish accent and incorrect English are to emphasise the foreigner in our hero. Throughout the movie, the picture of the abandoned veterans home in Manchester shows how the memory of our heroes slowly fades away.


The scene at the Polish veterans’ cemetery ( St. Joseph’s in Moston) is meant to show how quickly the heroes were forgotten. They fought for Poland but they were not able to return to their homeland; sadly today not many (people) remember them or what they’ve sacrificed.

This is a story of one of the soldiers who is buried at St. Joseph’s Moston cemetery…

We hope this way we will be able to encourage our British friends to learn and comprehend Polish history, not only through important historical events but also through the feelings of ordinary people who stood up to defend their homeland.

We would also like to remind you that thanks to British hospitality, many polish heroes could start a new life in Great Britain after the war and avoid death at the hands of the Communists.
“We die for Poland but we fight for freedom, yours and ours.”


Karol Kamil Peruta

Camera operators:
Krzysztof Kopacz
Karol Kamil Peruta

Music mix:
Dariusz Moskwa Oriz Beats

Main role:
Marcin Bukwaś

Movie description:
Ewa Gancarczyk

Karol Kamil Peruta

Karol Kamil Peruta


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