Do You Remember Us Briatin 2 (Battle of Britain) – English

In production „Do you remember us Britain 2” Polish pilot fighting in Battle of England was shot and died in a catastrophe, crashing in a forest nearby. The ghost of Polish pilot, Mr Bogdan Dziewiatkowski, walks through the last path to eternity. During the journey he shares his history, feelings and emotions, connected with those of other pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. Our main hero is asking key questions and reminding us about remembrance and gratitude for Polish pilots, who sacrificed their lives in defence of Great Britain.

„Do you remember us Britain 2” is a continuation of the shared project of Karol Kamil Peruta, Krzysztof Kopacz and Dariusz Moskwa, with cooperation of Waldemar Peruta, Marcin Bukwas and Dariusz Ciszek.

After the big success of the first part of our video, viewers have not left us any choice and we must now film the second part. We never expected that so many descendants of our Polish heroes would identify the histories of their own parents and grandparents with the history of the Polish soldier who was shown in the first part of our project.

Patronage over project have Światowe Stowarzyszenie Żołnierzy Armii Krajowej – koło Włodawa, project is supported by Polish company RUTUS, the best metal detectors on the world.

Big thank you to everyone involved, who have helped us and everyone who is supporting us.

Implementation of the project: 303 production and
Scenario and direction: Karol Kamil Peruta
Camera: Krzysztof Kopacz
Music: Dariusz Moskwa
Additional shots: Karol Kamil Peruta
Translation and subtitles: Karol Kamil Peruta
Narration: Karol Kamil Peruta
Translation: Adrianna Siemak

Part two:

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Part one: 




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